About Us

About Us

About Us

We started this journey and stepped into the sector in 2016 when we took over ‘’Kahve Sokağı’’. Since that day, as Kahve Sokağı, we always aim to make our brand one of the top brands even though it was a bumpy ride. Many years of experience, vast amount of knowledge and commitment to our principles are the most important reasons for us to become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our constantly developing infrastructure and the talents we have trained meticulously, not only provided service to the sector but also increased the quality and value of the work we do. As we finish our 10th year in this sector, we can confidently say that we contributed to the country's economy by turning the problems experienced in the past into opportunities, and while doing this, that we did not compromise on our quality, reputation and reliability.

At this point, we have further strengthened the faith that our guests have for us and our commercial reputation. With our experienced staff and their outstanding achievements, we believe that we have succeeded in being one of the few companies in this sector in Turkey. Our position as one of the most preferred and known companies can be seen as a proof of it.

We hope that in the very near future, we will open up to Europe and the rest of the World. We will expand our staff and undertake far more fruitful initiatives. As Kahve Sokağı, our goal is to become an exemplary brand by creating pioneering projects, cutting-edge goods and leading concepts.

Our Mission

Our aim is to maximize guest satisfaction and ensure taste appeal with product quality.

Our Vision

Our goal is always to be the most innovative and leading brand in this sector.


Our head offfice is in İzmir / Karabağlar with a total of 4 floors, established on 1000 m2. It also has a 300 m2 product supply and storage area. This is where we do active R&D endeavors, franchise and dealer meetings and product presentations and developments. Wealso have a kitchen and a bar within our Head Office and we always welcome everyone who would like to visit us there and learn more about our brand.